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CITO provide a complete package when it comes to giving your business a presence on the Internet today. For your business to exist on the Internet three essential items are required:

  • A Website name (this is what people type into their computer to find a Website, known as a Domain Name)
  • A Website (this is what is seen on the Internet)
  • A Website Host (someone who 'puts' Websites on the Internet, known as a Web Host)

By using CITO as your guide in providing the right solution for your needs you can rest easy in knowing that all three required components will be managed by our staff.

This combined with over 10 years of IT experience in hardware and applications programming enables us to produce powerful and effective web sites.

Every aspect of our work is centered around the client, their ideas, requirements and business needs.

From inception we will work in concert with you, providing the design and technical skills necessary to produce an invaluable sales and marketing tool in the form of a high quality presence.

RC Electronics
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GMAN Developers
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Markos Rent A Car
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A few things to consider before commissioning a web developer:

  • Are initial and subsequent consultations free of charge?
  • Is every aspect of production carried out in-house?
  • Can you pick randomly from their portfolio for a reference?
  • Will you be given a demonstration of specialist skills?
  • Will an understanding of your business needs be shown
  • Will my site be accessible? We aim to meet priority 2-3, the highest levels.
  • If a ‘no’ is offered, ask why not. Alternatively speak to us.

From initial conception through to site activation we will turn your ideas into a state-of-the-art internet presence that reflects the nature of and adds another dimension to your business.

From graphic presentations to e-commerce and dynamic application-driven web sites, CITO Computer Services will handle the whole development process.

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