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  • What is an Anti-Virus?
  • What is a computer virus?
  • How can I get a virus?
  • How can I protect myself?

Anti-Virus software is a type of software that protects your PC from viruses. A computer virus is a small piece of software that has the ability to self replicate. This software is unwelcome as the damage caused is often irreversible.

Wherever electronic information exists there is a possibility that a virus can be found lurking. The most common means of infection include:-

  • the downloading/installation of pirated software, games and music
  • the opening of emails from strangers
  • the opening of unexpected attachments from known senders (e.g. friends, colleagues) without asking them if the attachment is safe
  • the browsing of questionable websites

The first means of protection against a computer virus is to not get infected! Avoid undertaking the actions listed above. The use of up to date Anti-Virus software with up to date virus definitions is a must.

Virus definitions simply comprise a list that contains information regarding known viruses. If your definitions are out of date, then the list you have of existing viruses will be old. This means that your Anti-Virus product will NOT be able to detect new viruses.

More detailed information on computer viruses can be found by following the link below.


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