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  • What is Spyware?
  • What is Anti-Spyware?
  • What sort of information is collected?
  • What is done with the information collected?

Spyware is software created with the aim of collecting information on how you use your computer. Some variants of Spyware are clever enough to hijack certain functions of your computer. They are a parasite that will eventually bring your computer to a crawl. Anti-Spyware is the term used to describe software that protects your computer from Spyware.

Most Spyware collects information regarding your surfing habits, i.e. a log of the websites you have visited on the Internet is recorded. Some Spyware can collect information on the music you play and the software you use!

The information collected is either given or sold to companies/individuals who wish to sell you certain items. Have you ever wondered why after visiting a particular type of website, you start receiving emails from strangers regarding the type of content you had been browsing earlier?

This is a clear sign that some form of Spyware resides on your computer. Particularly nasty Spyware variants called keyloggers can monitor everything that is typed into your PC and this includes passwords and other login information. It is therefore VERY important that Spyware is not present on your PC.

More detailed information on Spyware can be found by following the link below


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